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Sunrise Tour | Start Time 6:00am : (hotel pick-up 5:35am)

This tour is designed to meet the desires of all the early risers and photographers amongst you. You will be picked up from your accommodation at around 05:35 and taken to our start point where we begin your tour.

Our guide will take you east toward the beach then north up along the beach to the Grand Bali Beach helipad to view the Sunrise. Then begin a relaxing slow paced ride along the whole Sanur beach strip. A bottle of water and light breakfast will be provided. We will ride south from here along the paved beach path, stopping anywhere along the way to enjoy the sunrise and take photos. On a clear morning Nusa Lembongan and Mount Agung can be seen from this route. You will visit Sindhu, Karang,

Sanur & Semawang beaches so don't forget your bathers and a towel if you would like to take a morning dip. We will also see the local fishermen casting their nets and fishing for bait and dive operators getting ready for their daily activities.

We'll then venture further down the beach to Mertasari beach where the local children and adults fly their kites from May to September. There is a Kite flying competition held in September or October each year here depending on the winds. At the end of this 7km path we will come to Pura Dalam Pangembak.

On our way back north along the beach we will stop to see the famous Blanjong inscription The Blanjong pillar, also Blanjong pillar or Blanjong inscription, is a pillar established in 914 CE in the harbour of Belanjong, in the southern area of Sanur in Bali.

The pillar was established by king Sri Kesari Warmadewa, the first king of the Balinese Warmadewa dynasty and bears a long inscription where the king describes his military campaign in the island. It is located in the Belanjong (Blanjong) Temple, where it is housed under a protective enclosure, and is often decorated and partially covered with devotional cloth.

The inscription is written in both the Indian Sanskrit language and Old Balinese language, using two scripts, the Nagari script and the Old Balinese script (which is used to write both Balinese and Sanskrit). The Old Balinese in pre-Nagari script in on one side of the pillar, while the Sanskrit inscription in Pallava-derived old Javanese script (also called Kawi script) is on the other side. The mix of language and script suggest that the objective of the inscription was not to communicate locally to the Balinese people, but rather to be established as a symbol of power and authority.

The pillar testifies to the connections of Bali with the Sanjaya Dynasty in Central Java. According to the inscription, Sri Kesari was a Buddhist king of the Sailendra Dynasty leading a military expedition, to establish a Mahayana Buddhist government in Bali.

The inscription also tells about the success of military expeditions of offshore islands, either Nusa Penida or faraway Maluku. This is the first known inscription in which a Balinese king recorded his name.

After this we will cross the bypass and cycle back to our start point via some rice fields where the tour will end at around 09:30 – 10:00. We then take you back to your accommodation. Then the rest of the day is yours to relax or enjoy other parts of Sanur.

  • Late model well maintained Polygon Sierra bicycles
  • Infant seat if required
  • Experienced local guide
  • Drinking water
  • Light breakfast snacks
  • Free pick up if staying in the Sanur area



370,000 Rp per Adult
270,000 Rp per Child (under 12)
150,000 Rp per Infant in a child’s seat

Inclusive of Bicycle with helmet, experienced guide & a light breakfast.
Including a free reusable water bottle.



For a tour to go ahead we require a minimum of 2 cyclists.


There is much more to Sanur Village Bali than just the tourist strip. Our cycle tours offer a leisurely ride around Sanur visiting the traditional morning markets, beautiful rice fields, checking out the stunning flower nursery's and other places of interest returning along the beach side cycle pathway of the world famous Sanur Beach.

effective 1st April 2018
  • Combine the Sunrise and Morning Tours together for only Rp 500,000 per person.

  • Combine the Jurassic Park and Sanur Tours for only Rp 500,000


- 350,000 Rupiah - Adults
- 250,000 Rupiah - Children (for kids under 12)
- 150,000 Rupiah - Infants (riding in a bike seat with parent)


- 350,000 Rupiah - Adults
- 250,000 Rupiah - Children (for kids under 12)
- 150,000 Rupiah - Infants (riding in a bike seat with parent)


- 350,000 Rupiah - Adults
- 250,000 Rupiah - Children (for kids under 12)

Price includes FREE HOTEL PICK-UP in the Sanur area, (other areas by arrangement). PLEASE NOTE : For a tour to go ahead we must have a minimum of two (2) persons and maximum twelve (12)


What is Included in our tours ?

  • Our company, being safety conscious supplies all riders with sanitised helmets before each ride.
  • A complementary bottle of water is supplied.
  • On all morning tours a light breakfast is included.
  • On afternoon tours the snack is included.
  • 7 Day Tour all is included (free riding jersey and water bottle).

Kitas, Kitap & KTP

The holders of the above visas receive a discount on all our tours. Please email us regarding your tour and we will get back to you with the discount on each tour.

For online booking, we accept:


  • Please make sure your credit card is using 3D Secure
  • If you are abroad, please make sure your roaming data of your mobile phone is on

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